7 Simple Ways to Increase Productivity

7 Simple Ways to Increase Productivity

Some days I can spend several hours a day on the computer, but, one thing you soon learn is that productivity doesn’t equate to time spent. At times I can achieve more in 2 hours than I can in 5 hours. To become more productive the first thing is to become aware of how many tasks you can complete. If you keep evaluating your output, it will be easier to pick up on things that can increase productivity.

Tips for increasing productivity:

Finish a Task.

Often I find myself with several articles and tasks on the go at the same time. I like starting things but then don’t want to finish them off. The problem is that this is an inefficient way to work. If we get an article 75% finished it is easier to finish it whilst it is fresh in our memory. If we have to go back to finish off tasks we waste time remembering how we started. If we can do things methodically one at a time then it can be a very powerful way to increase our productivity. Don’t measure your productivity by tasks started, but only by tasks finished.

Have a Clear Goal.

Another big issue is whether we know what we are doing. If we have vague ideas about what we should be doing it is much easier to be unproductive. We flit from one thing to another, not entirely sure what we should be doing. If we have a very clearly defined goal then it can be like a magnet which pulls us towards completing it. Uncertainty in deciding what to do can be very time consuming. Therefore spend time preparing a plan of action and then follow it through.

The Power of Concentration.

Concentration is the art of focusing on one thing at a time. If we truly concentrate then we can be much more effective in finishing a task. Concentration means we avoid getting sidetracked by other issues. If we focus on only one thing at a time we can complete the task effectively and avoid getting sidetracked.


To increase productivity we should always be trying to simplify.
To simplify our workplace creates greater focus. The less distractions you have around the workplace the more productive you can be. I often like writing in a quiet cafe, because there is nothing but my laptop. I need to work on creating a minimalist workplace so that I can have the same focus when writing at home.

Don’t Keep Repeating

Avoid repeating certain tasks. This can be checking email and statistics every hour or so. When we repeat actions we are wasting time. To avoid repeating tasks make sure you do a task thoroughly. It is better to do a task once and do it succesfully than do it several times half heartedly.

Take Time Off the Computer.

Spending more time on the computer doesn’t always equate to more output. If we limit our time it forces us to focus and be more concentrated when we do work. We can always find some way to spend 15 hours a day on the computer; but, that is not the way to maximise productivity. You can use time away from the computer to get fresh ideas and take a genuine break.

Ctrl F11

Ctrl F11 is the command to make the stumbleupon bar disappear. Stumbleupon is great for finding good articles, but it can also be a great timewaster. We start off with the idea – just one quick stumble and then before we know it we have spent half an hour surfing the internet. It may not be stumbleupon, but, most of us have some favourite ‘time wasting site’ . Make it more inaccessible – at least during the periods when you need to work.

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