Best URL Structure

Best URL Structure

What makes a good URL.

A good URL should involve:

1. Never Change.

At all costs try to avoid changing URLs, it will only cause problems. You could set up redirects, but, it is alot of work and search engines may dislike excessive changes. Choose a good URL structure and stick with it. If your current URL structure is less than ideal, don’t worry it’s not going to hold you back. It will probably be better to go forward, rather then spending time, changing old URL’s

I came across this:

What makes a cool URI?
A cool URI is one which does not change.
What sorts of URI change?
URIs don’t change: people change them.

Source [1]

2. Be reflective of the content.

URLs should ideally be descriptive of the page. This can help a little with search engine results. But, I think the main benefit is that the url shows up in search engine results, it may make a difference as to whether people click on the item or not. It also makes the site more accessible and memorable.

3. Avoid overlong URLs.

URl’s of Big Commercial websites are often impossibly long, they often track the session id. I really think they are making a mistake, but big companies are often surprisingly poor when it comes to SEO.

4. stick to single case URLs.

UNIX treats and as different URLS, windows does not.

5. Avoid Really Ugly URLs

An example from commercial site HSBC – Not Zen at all;jsessionid=0000p9LHbH9MA5mRbQpHZiTCMuy:11j71s4j3

6. Don’t go deeper than necessary


As a general rule try to have a simplified linking structure, which minimises excessive paths.

7. Use dashes to separate words

Avoid space, because this will have the consequence of introducing %20

At the end of the day if your blog Urls don’t meet these criteria, you can still run an effective blog/websites. However, I like to get a good URL structure, even if because it just looks and feels better.


Note wordpress allows you to choose between different URL structures, choose options and then permalink. I like the look of the custom URL, enabling posts to be categorised according to different categories.

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