Choosing the Right Topic for a Blog

Choosing the Right Topic for a Blog

If you are reading this, chances are you will already have a blog. However, you may feel that you have outgrown your first blog and would like to diversify into different areas.

When starting a new blog it is very important to choose the right niche and topics to blog on. Before starting a blog it is also worth considering what the purpose of the blog is for. This will to a large extent determine the approach of the blog.

If possible also make sure you can get a relevant domain name, to go with your blog.

When choosing a niche for your website, make sure you consider the following points.

1. Do you have knowledge about the subject?

Can you write articles without having to copy ideas from others? If the answer is no, the blog is a bit of a non starter.

2. Do you have an interest in the subject?

Do you enjoy writing / talking about the topics you have chosen. A blog is a long term project, make sure it is not just a passing fad.

3. Don’t make the niche too narrow.

If you blog only about “Poetry of Keats” you have a very limited audience. You could easily expand the blog to be about the Romantic Poets.

4. Don’t make the niche too broad.

Ideally, all categories should be in some way related. For example, in a blog about writing for blogs, you can diversify into SEO techniques. Blogging for money will not appeal to all. If there become too many posts about making money online, it may put off some readers to this blog. Remember the really successful blogs become known as a specialist and Authority in a certain field. The purpose of your blog should be clear to readers.

5. Brand name for your blog

A Good blog needs to be able to develop a brand. This is a distinctive title, it needs something to differentiate itself from others blog. Don’t underestimate the title of a blog. Ideally it should tell you all about the blog. Tip look around at the top blogs – “ProBlogger”, “Daily Blog Tips”, they all do what they say on the tin, so to speak. Other blogs develop a brand around a person’s name. This can be a good way to develop a brand in a highly competitive market.

6. Something Unique?

Can you offer something new that hasn’t been said before? If you want to make a blog about making money online, the problem is that there are already 10,000 + blogs on this subject. This does not mean you cannot enter the market. But, it is likely you will need to be able to offer some personal angle that makes it more likely you will be able to succeed.

If you are blogging for Money

If you are setting up a blog to make money, the above need to be all true. However, you need to take into consideration other factors. In particular, you need to be aware of the monetary potential of your theme. Whatever advertising you use, you will get paid more if you blog about products or services people pay for.

If you blog about Mortgages, mortgage companies will be willing to pay a good amount to advertise on your site. This is because, tf people click on the ad and buy a mortgage, it is a big profit margin. Therefore, they are willing to bid a decent amount per click.

If you blog about “funny quotes” which companies want to bid for that? People going to a page on funny quotes, are unlikely to be buying anything. Firms will only be willing to pay a few cents per click. Thus it may take 100 clicks on a site about funny quotes to get the same revenue as 1 click from a mortgage site.

If you want to make money from a funny quotes site, you may need to attract 100 times the traffic of a mortgage site. However, you may feel it would be easier to get 100 times more traffic for funny quotes than mortgages. But, maybe there is something in between. If you have a hobby, say cycling, you could always blog about cycling and cycling products.

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