How Do I Get Readers to Ask a Question?

How Do I Get Readers to Ask a Question?

The first problem, as Darren predicted, is that you may not be so lucky to have a nice collection of reader’s questions to answer. So, since I’m a reader of this blog, there’s no reason why I can’t ask myself a question:

How Can I encourage Readers to ask Question?

  • A Blog post and link in sidebar. see this link to add a question as a comment
  • A Free Link, and free publicity in recognition of the question. E.g. Thanks to Juggling frogs for some useful questions.
  • Help People pass their exams. My most popular question and answer section is at another Blog: Economics Help. Before the exam season I was getting upto 20 questions a day. It was a really good period for me.
    • I was very productive in answering questions
    • It helped build up the archives very quickly.
    • Thinking of topics is often the most difficult challenge of writing.
    • I wrote on obvious topics, so obvious I wouldn’t have thought writing about.
    • The only problem was that some days were so busy, I fear the quality may have suffered a little. But, it did help them pass their exams. Also, once they have finished their exams the questions start to dry up pretty quick.
  • Blog Contest. Maybe I will have a blog contest, in which the competition is to invite the most interesting, unusual questions. The best question gets a prize of a free

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