How Many Categories to Use in a blog Entry?

How Many Categories to Use in a blog Entry?

For each blog entry. I prefer to use just one category. The reason is I don’t want duplication of content. If I chose 5 different categories. The blog post would be repeated in 8 different places on the blog.

  • on home page
  • as individual entry
  • within 5 different categories.
  • Monthly Archives

Maybe Google have a way of dealing with this, that doesn’t penalise the duplicate content. However, for the moment I am sticking to one or possibly 2 categories.

It is also a good reason to use the MORE function – it enables less duplication of content.

There is a good post here on avoiding duplicate content issues with wordpress; many ideas are useful for other blogging platforms.

There is a plugin to avoid duplicate content issues by adding a no-follow tag.  However, personally I would not use this because I wouldn’t want to risk content being removed from google.

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