How Not To Start An article

How Not To Start An article

I spent about an hour writing a previous post Common Web mistakes made by companies 

On reviewing the post, I felt I’d made a big mistake with the first sentence.

“I am an amateur blogger. I blog for part time income in addition to having a part time teaching job. Although I’m not a full time professional, I am constantly surprised…”

It’s a very weak introduction because:

It’s repetitive, unnecessary and also doesn’t inspire confidence. True, I may not be a full time professional, but,  it is unhelpful to give the impression you’re an ‘amateur blogger’

I have cut the first sentence and this enables us to get into the argument much more quickly.

 Despite the internet offering the fastest growth sector of the economy, many multi million pound companies are still making basic mistakes with their own websites.

It just goes to show the importance of the first paragraph and first sentence. An article may be very good, but, if 50% of readers give up because the first sentence is boring, the article is wasted.

It also shows the importance of following your own advice…

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Patsi Krakoff, The Blog Squad on 03.28.08 at 6:17 pm

Bravo! You teach well by example. We’ve all done this, starting off with where we’re at, when it makes it stronger to get to the point quickly, addressing the readers’ concerns first. Thanks for your transparency.

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