How To Write Quickly and Effectively

How To Write Quickly and Effectively

As a blogger, one of the main tasks is writing. Finding time to write is one of the main challenges bloggers face. If you can’t find or create the necessary time, your blogs will lose impetus.

These are some tips I employ to increase the productivity of my writing.

Batch Writing

Writing requires a certain concentration and mental space. It’s not something you can dip into for the odd 10-15 minutes. It is important to give yourself a decent time period to get into the writing groove. Once you have started writing, it is best to maximise the writing environment and keep going. When writing blog posts, I will often write 2-6 posts at the same time. Often once you have writen one post, you get ideas for a second; your brain becomes attuned to the concept of writing.

Clarity and Simplicity.

For writing to be effective, you need to have a clear mind and clear schedule. The more distractions you can remove the better. For example, online access is one potential distraction, especially, if you have your email notifier open. Similarly I try to keep my writing desk free of distractions. Alternatively, I will go to a cafe, where there is little else to do apart from drink coffee and write.

Creating Time For Writing

Another useful tip, is to create writing time in unexpected situations. I find that writing on a train journey is an excellent opportunity,  even try writing in airport waiting lounge. Another tip is to write early in the morning; if you have a morning routine which involves reading the newspapers for 30 mins. You could be disciplined and use this time to write instead. There are numerous time wasting opportunities we can probably give up to create time.

Put Writing First.

Similar to the last idea is to give your writing slots the highest priority and then fit other things around them. If we have times scheduled for writing, it becomes harder to avoid writing in this time slot.

Go Back To Basics.

Sometimes we can fail to see the wood for the trees. We spend along time leaving comments on other blogs, looking at our stats and tweaking the design that we forget to do any writing. It is writing on your own blog, which is the crucial factor, and sometimes we can lose sight of this.

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