Integrating Blog into your Website.

Integrating Blog into your Website.

If you have a domain such as:

You might like to add a blog to that. e.g.

1. Blogger. FTP publishing.

Blogger enable you to use their software to add a blog onto your existing site. The blog is published through your server.
Note: this method means you cannot use Blogger’s new widgets. It is more difficult to customise your blog this way.

  • To add a blog goto: Blogger home
  • Click on: Add blog.
    Choose second option Advanced setup (
  • You will need to add the FTP username and password.
    The blog url could be for example: blog.html

2.  Switch free .blogspot blog to custom domain 

Another option with Blogger. is to set up a blog on a .blogspot free domain.

However, then you can use your own domain name.

See easy and cheap way to host a blog with proper domain name 
3. WordPress

can be downloaded from  wordpress

It is advisable to have on own server, wordpress hosting

For non commercial blogs, there is a service where people will install wordpress for you.

However, many web hosting companies now offer 1 click installation.

See: Blogger vs WordPress for evaluation of which is best software

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