Internet Addiction Help

Internet Addiction Help

As a teacher I have seen students whose academic career has really suffered because of some form of internet addiction. Internet addiction is probably worst for video gaming which can be all absorbing for (mostly boys). In addition social network sites like Facebook, Bebo and Twitter can become very addictive causing users to spend many hours a day.

Internet Addiction Problems

  • Internet addiction can lead to various problems such as:
  • Lost time / missed study
  • Fear of making real social contact
  • Irregular sleeping patterns – disrupted health
  • Lack of exercise leading to obesity.
  • Inability to focus on other things.

When challenged, many internet addicts admit that they spend too long on computer and wish they could have a more balanced life. Heavy internet use doesn’t give any lasting feeling of satifaction and users can often develop low self-esteem and become reclusive from normal social activities.

Cures for Internet Addiction

Take away the computer. Lack a heroin addict who can no longer take heroin, this measure will encounter resistance. But, living without a computer is best way for users to realise life can exist without a computer screen. SPending time without computer will force people to find alternatives.

Physical Exercise

Dump your kid on a mountain top and let them walk home. The adventure will do them good.

Encourage Self-Esteem

Losing yourself in a computer world can be a way to avoid real life issues. Boosting kids self-esteem may encourage them to go back into the real world. Don’t tackle the problem by saying they are a real loser for spending all the time on the internet.

Support any Other Activity.

Maybe your child used to be very good at some kind of sport or music. Keep talking about this as a way to motivate them to go back to old habits and old activities.

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