Is it Good to have the date in Blog URLs?

Is it Good to have the date in Blog URLs?

This is a tricky question, there are advantages and disadvantages of both approaches.

Advantages of having date in Blog URL.

1. It’s good for readers, they like to know when an article was published. I like seeing the date on blog post, so I can choose the most recent. If it’s useful for your readers it should be a good thing to do.

2. It gives a certain structure to your site. It’s a logical approach for a blog to take.

3. Numerical URls are suitable for international understanding

Disadvantages of Having Date in Blog URL.


1. In the future people may be discouraged from viewing your blog entry, because they think it is outdated. This is especially important if your blog is on a topic that is constantly evolving. For example, if you had a choice for a blog post on SEO tips. Would you choose the one dated 2004 or the one dated 2017?

(e.g. Choose the one dated 2004 and you will probably get outdated advice like the importance of submitting to DMOZ, reciprocol links.)

  • If your date is not in the blog post then your post people will not discriminate your post for being too old.

2. Some advice may date, but quite often a blog post will be just as good in the future. (It is important to try and write mostly timeless posts – Posts that don’t age too quickly)

3. Possible that search engines may discriminate against older dated blog posts. If people want the latest blog posts, search engines are likely to give them this. For some searches I have noticed that recent blog entries are quite prominent. Sometimes blog posts on my mortgage site get traffic for a while, then after a time their search engine rank falls.

If you have had any experience about the pros and cons of using date based URLs feel free to leave a comment.

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