Is it Necessary to Have Keywords in the Title?

Is it Necessary to Have Keywords in the Title?

Everynow and then I submit blog entries to blogcarnivals. It’s a good way of getting links, traffic and a wider exposure.

I submitted one hear to It looks a good blog, and will be a good blog carnival to take part in. I like the way Raj gave thoughtful comments on the entries.

The blog entry I submitted was “Do you Stand out from the Crowd?

Raj suggested it would be better to have keywords in the title, why?

Advantages of having keywords.

  1. More traffic from Google.
    If you want traffic from google make sure you have keywords that you search for. (For example, it surprises me how much traffic my mortgage site has had through the keyword “Harry Potter” (I made a throwaway joke about Harry Potter and mortgages, – don’t worry if you missed it BTW)
  2. Anchor Text Link.
    If people link the article like in the blog carnival, it is good to have anchor text which is related to your blog. This means you will rank higher for these target keywords.

Therefore, often when creating a blog post it is good to think of the keywords in the title. However, does this mean that you always need to use keywords in the title?

Reasons Not to Use Keywords

  1. Interesting titles grab people’s attention. Killer headlines can lead to succes on social bookmarking sites like Digg. – Google isn’t the only source of traffic.
  2. Write for readers not search engines. Readers may get turned off by keyword stuffing. Don’t feel obliged to always use same keywords, everynow and then you need to grab people’s attention.
  3. The Article “Do you stand out from the Crowd” is trying to make us think beyond the standard SEO formulaic approach.
  4. See article – How to Create Eyecatching titles

It’s an interesting topic. I often advise people to use more carefully selected keywords, I used to it myself all the time. But, recently I feel more relaxed in this regard.

Thanks to Raj, for putting up blog.


As a general rule I will not comment on a blog if I have to register – Why? I’m too lazy / busy.


Mani Karthik on 07.26.07 at 3:01 pm

Hi Tejvan,

Agree with you totally on using keywords in the title.

I’d like to add –
you should use keywords in the H1 tags, in the footer if possible, optimally in the ALT tags for images and in the META tags.


Richard on 07.26.07 at 6:36 pm

Hi Mani,

Thanks for dropping by and leaving the tips!


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