Unlimited Domains at Host i Can

Unlimited Domains at Host i Can

As I work on several sites, I think I host 11 of my own sites, I spent alot of time looking around for a good hosting provider.

In the end I choose Host i Can reseller package.

For £10.95 a month you can have the following features

  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited email
  • unlimited mySQl databases
  • AWStats
  • Fantastico – one click installation for things like Drupal and WordPress
  • WordPress one click install

Support was helpful when I was transferring domains and getting started.

There are many other features, but the ones above are the ones I use. I particularly like the unlimited bandwidth (just in case you get dugg) Unlimited domains is great as well.

For example, I bought a domain name for my father (.co.uk for £3 a year) and can then just easily just add it to my account. (it made a good value Father’s Day present

If you have several sites, it is good to have them in one place.

This is an affiliate link, but I feel happy recommending them, after looking around and using many other hosting accounts.

My actual motivation for moving was that, I didn’t want the hassle of installing wordpress myself. So I switched to a host which provides it with once click install.

If you are looking to host a site, I might be able to help…

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